Sadako vs. Kayako trailer!

You’ve all probably seen this by now, but just in case, check out this wicked trailer for Shiraishi Koji’s latest horror opus. While the recent iterations of both franchises have mostly been crap, I admit I’m pretty excited to see this. I hope Shiraishi-san can pull the ghost idols out of their respective slumps.

If you’re not familiar with Shiraishi-san, he’s done some great, funny, and genuinely scary films (and some truly weird ones, too). It looks like this film will go the funny route, and I hope it works. That bit where Kayako smashes Sadako’s cursed tape, and Sadako gets pissed, is pure Freddy vs. Jason-level shtick.

I interviewed Shiraishi-san a few years ago–you can check it out here. I consider his film Noroi to be among the greatest J-horror films ever (though readers may recall that he refused to talk about that film back when I interviewed him). While it seems pretty clear that Sadako vs. Kayako is going to be mostly tongue-in-cheek, I hope it will have at least a little bit of Noroi’s creepiness.

Sadako vs. Kayako teaser

The official teaser trailer for the craziest horror mashup since Freddy vs. Jason is here, and I couldn’t be more excited. In case you don’t recognize the names, Sadako is the ghost in the original Japanese Ring movies, while Kayako is the ghost from Ju-On (aka The Grudge,¬†both the Japanese ones and the American remake/sequels). Check out the teaser¬†here.

That the two biggest franchises in modern J-horror are finally coming together is perhaps not surprising, since it’s already happened with so many American horror franchises. But I’m always a sucker for crossovers. I have no illusions about how good this film will actually be–i.e., it almost certainly won’t be, given how crappy American mashups have been, and how awful both of the source franchises have become in recent iterations (see Sadako 3D). But my hero Shiraishi Koji is directing it, which is definitely cause to look forward to its release in June.