Gyuki the Ox Monster

I’m in Japan, and it’s great. Obviously.

One of the many reasons why Japan is great is this happy character, known as a gyuki, or ushi-oni (“ox ogre”). (Sometimes people give “oni” as “demon,” but I don’t think that’s really accurate.) I photographed this guy at Negoroji, a temple in Kagawa Prefecture. The wiki article linked above summarizes his story.


Something something Tom Jones, something something what’s new, pussycat?

Folklore Mondays: “Japanese Demon Lore”

I haven’t read this one–in fact I just found it while searching for something for this week’s post–but how can you not dig that title?

Japanese Demon Lore sounds like pretty much the coolest thing ever. So check it out.

Like previous offerings, this one is free at USU Press. Can’t beat that.