Recent HorrorTalk Reviews (June-July ’17)

Hey! I’m around! I’m just spread, Bilbo-like, across too much bread. Or something. Here’s some stuff I’ve done recently over at!

  • The Passing: It’s a Welsh-language ghost story set in Wales. WALES.
  • Ghostbusters 101 #04: IDW’s Ghostbusters continue to be the best version of the guys in gray.
  • Ghosts of the Poconos: I’ll, uh, just let the review speak for itself…
  • Mormama: Southern Gothic with some ghosts and lots of half-understood computer-speak.

I’ll try to semi-regularly post roundups of the stuff I do over there. It’s a groovy site and you should check it out if you haven’t already!

Meanwhile, I’m curious to know if anyone has seen any decent new scary stuff lately. I haven’t seen anything truly frightening in ages. Any recommendations?


Recent HorrorTalk Reviews

Howdy folks! I’m still around, but my horror energy’s been mostly dedicated to stuff lately. Check out some of my recent reviews below, if’n you’re so inclined.

  • The Blackcoat’s Daughter: A private Christian girl’s school is marginally scarier when the devil drops by.
  • Exorcist Falls: A young priest and an old priest do a thing you may have seen similar clerical types do before. Only it’s different.
  • Savageland: A mockumentary about a border town that is inexplicably massacred. It’s also about racism. And zombies.
  • Cannibal (Vol. 1): A comic set in the deep south with people who eat other people, but they’re not zombies. Thank god.
  • The Snare: Asshole twenty-somethings check in to a nearly-abandoned apartment building for a holiday. Creepy, exploitative, violent stuff happens.

I’ve got one on The Devil’s Candy that’ll be up soon, too. In a nutshell, it’s good.