IDW’s “Ghostbusters” Book is the Best Best Thing, You Guys


My review of Ghostbusters International #8 just went up over at Before I got the chance to read GBI for HorrorTalk, I’m not sure if I even knew IDW had an ongoing Ghostbusters comic. But holy moly, you guys, it’s so much fun.

The writing perfectly captures the snark of the original films and the beloved The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. In fact, as I mention in my HT review of GBI #8, the Real Ghostbusters themselves, in all their ’80s glory, actually make a cameo. Kylie Griffin, the goth girl from Extreme Ghostbusters, is even back as a regular character, though apparently the Extreme Ghostbusters universe is not connected with IDW’s Ghostbusters. The art is wonderful, cartoonish enough to be fun but with some ghost designs that actually approach, and even cross the line into, the scary zone.

If you want something Halloweeny to do, or if you want to see the Ghostbusters being the Ghostbusters and not just an awful, awful, officially-sanctioned ripoff, IDW’s Ghostbusters are the way to go.

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