Halloween Meltdown ’15: LEGO!

legoBansheeEarlier every year, right? I know, it’s only August, but I’m not going to be in the US for Halloween, so I need to get my fix while I still can.

Those of you who aren’t Lego nerds may not be aware of the company’s ongoing Minifigures line. Understandable, given that you’re (presumably) mature, reasonable adults. I, however, am not, and I love Lego, and I love monsters. So I’m thrilled to learn that the next series of minifigures is all about, er, monsters.

The Brothers Brick have the whole set of photos over on their excellent Lego-centric blog. The series has a werewolf, a bunch of zombies, a gargoyle, a very cool ghost, and more. It’s not as good as a reboot of the Monster Fighters line, but it’s still pretty cool.

My favorite of the bunch is the banshee, and I will seriously stand in the Lego aisle at Target for three hours feeling through the blind packs until I find the damned thing. That is how awesome I am.

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