Time Flies

Fellow horror-blogger Fringe Void just celebrated his two-year anniversary over on his blog. Congratulations to him on being consistently awesome. Also I’m shamelessly ripping him off, because I also just passed the two-year mark. Actually, I’ve had this blog in some form for over four years now, and there are still some posts floating around from those early days; but I reckon the real start from my review of Phobia 2, the first proper horror thing I did on here. By that count it’s just over two years that this thing has been kicking.

Unlike Fringe Void, I don’t really have any deep reflections or words of wisdom to offer. Mostly this has been an opportunity for me to avoid doing real work. But it’s been great connecting with other horror fans and gamers. You folks are seriously the nicest bunch of internet lurkers I’ve met.

Here’s to another two years. Keep rocking.

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