Bradley Keene of What’s Your Tag? shares the most exciting game news of the last freakin’ decade, as far as I’m concerned.

Glad to see the protagonists’ clothing is still as impractical as ever. Some traditions are too adorable to let go.

What's Your Tag?


When Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse failed to release on the Wii outside of Japan, a dedicated group of fans released an English language patch to ensure that the series faithful could enjoy the game here in North America. Hopefully that won’t be the case with the upcoming Wii U exclusive, The Black Haired Shrine Maiden.

Debuting in Japan on September 27th, Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden showcased a release trailer earlier today, as well as a pretty healthy amount of screen shots to tide us over. The good news is that a North American release hasn’t been ruled out, but the bad news is that the game looks extremely dated already. That doesn’t mean it looks any less terrifying, as the new trailer definitely shows a lot of promise in the scares department.

What do you think so far, XBRO’s? Fatal Frame is…

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