The Floor is Open

As bloggers, I think we all like the sound of our own proverbial voices. To a certain extent, we write because we think what we’re saying is worthwhile, and would like for somebody other than ourselves to have an opportunity to engage with our ideas. Of course there’s also the joy of expression for its own sake, etc., but I think most of us wouldn’t do it in this medium if it was just about getting our ideas down on paper (so to speak). We want to talk with people, not just at people. And it goes both ways, I think. If you’re reading this, presumably it’s because there’s something on this blog that interests you–which, of course, was what I was aiming for.

But, strange to say, I’m getting sick of hearing myself talk. Or, I guess, seeing myself type. Whatever. The point is, I want to open things up a little, generate some discussion, and hear from some people with differing opinions. As bloggers we all get to claim a certain kind of authority; as “specialty” bloggers, perhaps, we claim even more (e.g., I’m a horror blogger, ergo a self-styled expert on horror [totally not true at all, but I think that’s the impression readers naturally get]). And they’re our blogs, after all. We run them, we moderate the comments. In that sense, we’re authorities.

But this kind of sucks. Blogging isn’t fun if it just contributes noise to the already-deafening Internet maelstrom. I think it should be a conversation. So I’d really like to encourage you, dear readers, to comment, suggest post topics, or submit guest content, if you’re so inclined. In the coming weeks I’ll be searching for new ways to drive this kind of engagement, but in the meantime I’m open to any suggestions you may have.

5 thoughts on “The Floor is Open

  1. I agree with you about some of the reasons for blogging, it is good, after all, to put down some of your ideas and thoughts and get them ‘out there’ and see what happens. I also have a legalistic job, where I am wading through reems of documents and legislation all day long so blogging was a catharasis allowing me to be creative and self-indulgent and research what I wanted too rather than what I had too!

    If you want to generate a debate – I would suggest you pick a controversial subject. I recommend the Highgate Vampire as modern folk-lore. Simply light the blue touch paper and stand well back (just keep my name out of it LOL!)

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