Folklore Mondays: “True Irish Ghost Stories” (1914)

This week–offered without comment, since I haven’t read it myself–I give you “True Irish Ghost Stories,” by St. John D. Seymour. Or more properly, Project Gutenberg gives it to you, because they are freaking awesome.

(Please consider supporting Gutenberg by donating. The Paypal link is on the top of the page linked to above.)

And for the sake of visual interest, here’s a picture I took of a freaky doll at a place called the Whispers Estate during last Halloween’s ghost-hunt.

Pretty sure I just saw something like this in a movie... "The Happening"? No, that's not it...

Pretty sure I just saw something like this in a movie… “The Happening”? No, that’s not it…

6 thoughts on “Folklore Mondays: “True Irish Ghost Stories” (1914)

  1. I love project gutenberg – most of the ghost stories I have reproduced on my blog are from it (fully credited of course). You make me feel guilty now – I should donate!!!

  2. I have this book in my collection. Perhaps I like it more for the way it conveys the nuances of Irish culture rather than the quality of its ghost tales, as the removal of time, place, and identities takes away somewhat from the ‘punchline’. Nevertheless, I find it a good read and can recommend it to those interested in the subject matter.
    Pop over sometime to Freaky Folk Tales, you may enjoy it!
    Kind regards, Paul

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