Halloween Meltdown ’13: Don’t Mess with the Fairies

A bit of a stretch, I realize. But as we all know, Halloween as we have it today comes largely from the ancient festival of Samhain, an important part of the yearly ritual cycle of so-called Celtic peoples in Ireland and Britain. Famously, Samhain was a time when the boundaries between the human and spirit worlds blurred and things had an irksome habit of crossing back and forth.

The fairies, to my knowledge, were never described in legend in quite the way they’re depicted here; regardless, this is a fun, freaky little film that helps set the mood for Samhain and suggests that cute exteriors may conceal something altogether unlike what we think we know.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Meltdown ’13: Don’t Mess with the Fairies

  1. That was fab- Predatory fairies – yeay! Afterall they were known for stealing children away, just not sure any of the folk tales mentioned that they ate them! Best to take a can of Raid on picnics to Blackheath Woods I’d say!

    • My lady friend once brought back these little bug repellant devices from Japan that consist basically of a tiny battery-powered fan and a rotating disc that releases some mild chemical that keeps insects away. It’s really effective. For some reason I think it’d be hilarious in this context. I can see the fairies hovering five feet away, freaking out about not being able to get any closer.

      I’d also add a lighter to your can of Raid, though. Don’t want to take any chances.

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