Halloween Meltdown ’13: More Lego Nonsense

If it wasn’t already painfully clear, I love Lego. But I especially love the monster-themed Lego that was released a year or so ago (and, stupidly, canceled already–a pox on the fickle toy market).

All the classic movie monsters are represented: zombies, ghosts, vampires (human-looking and bat-like), werewolves, and even Frankenstein’s monster, as this clip shows. The minifigures are great, and the environments are even better. The only set more appropriately Halloweeny in all of Legodom is (possibly) the elusive (and preposterously overpriced) Lego Harry Potter: Graveyard Duel set.

But I can only show so many static images of Lego sets before it starts to wear thin. So instead, here’s this:

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