Halloween Kitsch: Junk Food for Horror Fans

I write this from the kitchen table in our tiny studio apartment. Actually I guess it’s just a table, then, since the kitchen is the bedroom is the living room is the only room. We’re in Buenos Aires until December 10th, and after sleeping most of the day I find myself in a grumpish humour.

Mostly this is a function of having a subletter in our place back home, of missing my cat, and of the knowledge–the cold, clammy, irrevocable knowledge–that I will be missing Halloween. Apparently some people do celebrate Halloween here in Argentina (here’s an interesting article on the minor controversy it poses in a country that’s not overly fond of the US) but it’s really not a major thing.

This sucks.

To console myself, dear readers, I intend to flood the blog with Halloweeny stuff for the next two months, and maybe more. Videos, songs, links to other blogs–anything that strikes a Halloween chord is eligible. If you thought all those lists were bad–and there will be more, oh yes–then you might want to just clock out for a while. Stop reading for the next two or three months. Hopefully by then I’ll have got this out of my system.

I know a number of my awesome fellow bloggers have been doing more or less the same thing already. If anyone’s interested in doing some sort of multi-blog interplanetary Halloween galactic doom collaboration, we can talk. Until then, here’s my first little offering, the first slice of the Halloween pie I won’t be eating this year. Enjoy it while I have a bit of a cry.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Kitsch: Junk Food for Horror Fans

  1. My condolences for your Halloween free environment. I have always loved Halloween, and usually go camping or ghost hunting or such like. This year I’m off to stay in a haunted 17th century inn in York and shall be in full victorian vampire regalia (regardless of whether anyone else is!) … and I intend to interact with many spirits as possible in the bar if nowhere else LOL.

    In the mean time you might want to check out my latest creepy post on Robert the Doll….

    • That sounds like a brilliant way to spend Halloween! You’ve got to take a lot of pictures. Crap, I’m super jealous.

      We’ve actually just made plans to spend October 30th-November 1st in a little town called Colonia in Uruguay. They don’t do Halloween there either, but it’s a nice place. If I walk around in full costume, think they’ll deport me?

      Yes, I have to check out your post about Robert. Sometimes I seem to miss new posts in my WP Reader… have to change the settings or something.

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