Folklore Mondays: “Alas, Poor Ghost!” (1999)

Getting this one in just under the wire–sorry for the delay. Just got back home after visiting my family in Baltimore for the weekend. Boy are my… arms… tired…?

This week’s offering is yet another USU Press publication, and one which I, I must admit somewhat shamefacedly, have not yet read. I will rectify this in the long weeks I’ll be spending cloistered in a studio apartment in Buenos Aires.

Gillian Bennett’s Alas, Poor Ghostis one of the other major works on supernatural belief to come out of contemporary folklore scholarship. It’s a revised edition of an earlier book, and it’s always struck me as strange that it was so thoroughly revised as to merit an altogether new title. Revised editions are common, but title-changes aren’t. Not having read either edition, though, I’m not sure what the story is. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

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