Folklore Mondays: “Haunting Experiences”

HE1I haven’t posted much folklore content of late, so I thought I’d turn my previous post on this theme into a regular thing. I don’t know how regular it will be in practice, since there aren’t an infinite number of academic folklore texts available for free; but I’ll do my best to find something each week that you, loyal readers, might find interesting.

This week is a majorly important work for me personally, as it’s one of the few books about the supernatural (in addition to “Out of the Ordinary”) to come from within disciplinary folklore studies. Like that previous work, it’s not perfect; but it is a useful introductory book to folkloristic study of the supernatural more generally.

Also published by Utah State University Press, Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore is also available for free download on the publisher’s website. Check it out if you’re in need of some late-summer folklore.

4 thoughts on “Folklore Mondays: “Haunting Experiences”

    • Very welcome! It’s less about paranormal stuff per se, and more about how people work supernatural narratives into their lives, how narratives can reveal issues of belief, and how experience of the supernatural creeps into other areas like popular culture. It can be dry at times, but it’s useful stuff for analyzing experiences.

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