Mighty Max

Mighty Max was a silly, surprisingly fun show that ran from 1993-1995 and was created solely to sell the boy version of Polly Pocket (those little toy compacts that opened up to reveal tiny playsets and plastic figurines). Max was a young boy who, it turns out, was a generic Chosen One, tasked with fighting monsters and stuff. He tromped around with his friends Virgil the talking bird-sage and Norman the hilarious quasi-viking. It was short, but the ending, as I recall, was actually fairly poignant for a show all about selling a toy.

The show had a fairly ordinary monster-of-the-week format. Myths and legends figured heavily in virtually every episode, usually providing the bad guy that Max had to fight each go-round.

One of my favorite episodes was this one, all about vampires. This was a kid’s show, but they didn’t shy away from freaky bloodsucking imagery and English blokes with bloody holes in their necks. (And to my UK friends, I can only apologize for the ridiculous, ridiculous fake English accents).

I like how the episode explicitly comments on legend, the distortion of fact, etc. The last exchange between Max and Virgil, in particular, has stuck with me over all these years. I don’t know that I agree with it, but it’s been rattling around in the back of my mind these twenty years (GOD I AM OLD).



7 thoughts on “Mighty Max

  1. So I’m happily reading along, remembering how my daughter collected Might Max (which she loved far more than Polly Pockets.) Then I come to your “GOD I AM OLD” comment. Ahem. At least you were the one playing with the toys / watching the show.

    You, my dear, are a mere pup.

    • Heh. All things being equal, I suppose you’re right. But everyone has those moments when they realize that something that’s been part of their database of crap from their childhood is now multiple decades behind them. I actually kind of like it, as I’ve behaved like an 85 year old retiree for most of my life anyway.

  2. Cor Lummee Guv’nor didn’t you know that all us Brits speak like that me old treacle? Loved the cartoon (always enjoyed anything vaguely supernatural as a kid – so no change there then).

    One more thing….Polly Pocket: dolls in a compact mirrory case thingie- right? So tell me, did boys buy into the toys in a compact idea???

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