Music, Sweet and Terrible, pt. 3: Halloween 2013 Part Deux

Whew, after some brilliant suggestions in response to a previous post, I was inspired to add a few more songs to the list. True to form, no sooner do I proclaim that I don’t like lists than I go off on a crazy list-making frenzy. So me.

I’m trying to come up with ideas for a more serious folkloristic entry. I have an interesting project that’s just getting off the ground (and hopefully will remain off the ground), but I don’t know if it will develop into something bloggable. As ever, suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, here are a few more tunes I think are especially Halloweeny. Let me know what you think.

FringeVoid‘s comment on my last post reminded me of PPJ, a brilliant folk-punk nutjob (I say that in the most positive way possible) whose music is always a tiny bit creepy, simply by virtue of his bizarre stage persona. This is one of my super favorites.

“Trail of Blood” from Final Fantasy VII. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it still gives me the creeps.

Because Bad Religion, that’s why.

Super Mario World was the best of the 2D Marios. Dinosaurs, ghosts, superhero capes, and undead turtles? Sign me up.

Quite possibly the greatest cartoon of all time. Certainly, in my humble opinion, the best Batman incarnation (with the understanding that the Batman: Arkham games are part of the same continuity).

Easily my favorite hip hop song ever. I love Cee Lo in general, but this song in particular really appeals to me as a horror fan. There’s something really urban scary about it–and I don’t mean “urban” in the way that people often do when they want to refer to African Americans without sounding like a racist (which of course makes them sound even more racist). I mean, it sounds like a creepy city at night, with grungy hookers and rusted-out warehouses and gaudy neon and a weird sense of being alone even though there are lots of people around.

4 thoughts on “Music, Sweet and Terrible, pt. 3: Halloween 2013 Part Deux

  1. Downloaded “Men Men Men” after your last post. This one’s pretty good too.

    FF7 was epic, straight up. They topped out with 9, went downhill with 10, even downhiller with 10-2, and never recovered. Which part of the game is this from? When Cloud goes nutso in the Lifestream and has that metaphysical breakdown or roundabouts? My memory is fuzzy.

    Lots of big city vibes with your last one here, but mine is more violent, drug runner gangster than yours. I win.

    • I pretty much lost interest in Final Fantasy after VII, honestly. XII was pretty good, but I don’t really think it’s a Final Fantasy game.

      “Trail of Blood” plays several times. The best time is when you see the Midgar Zolom (big sea serpent thing) impaled on a tree. Truly creepy. I ranted about it in a post ages ago, before I made this a straight-up horror blog:

      That Kool G song was awesome, but I don’t think anything beats the creepy hooker in the Cee Lo song talking about “I’ll act like I love ya.” *shudder*

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