Name that film, pt. 1

This is kind of cheating, as it’s not really a proper blog entry. Regardless, I have a brain itch that only fellow horror fans can adequately scratch.

As a child, an irresponsible adult I knew sometimes let me watch horror films. The ones I remember best are The ThingProm Night 2 (I think), and a third film that I simply cannot track down. The only scene I recall from this movie involved the main antagonist, a sexy lady monster, in a hot tub making out with a curly-haired guy. A monster hunter is after her, apparently, and she knows it. So at the, ahem, moment of truth, she morphs into a hideous monster with lots of mouths all over her body (that’s what my five-year-old self interpreted them as, anyway…) and kills the guy. The monster hunter shows up and finds the guy’s corpse in a hot tub full of blood.

For a long time I assumed this was one of the various Invasion of the Body Snatchers remakes. Now I’m not so sure. I’m sure it wasn’t a good movie, but I was sufficiently scarred by it as a child that I’d like to find out what it was, or if my Prom Night- and The Thing-addled brain made a weird composite of the two as some bizarre coping mechanism.

I should add that this was in the mid 80s, well before Species was released, so that’s out.

Is this ringing any bells with anybody?

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