Music, sweet and terrible: part 1

Since I repurposed this blog as a horror/folklore thing, I’ve been thinking about the sounds of horror: not just sound effects in film and games, but also traditional music, animal noises, all kinds of sonic signifiers of fear.

Of course, I’m interested in the otherworldly, the ghostly, the supernatural–so most of the sounds I’ve been thinking of reflect that in some way.

Initially I was going to do a single post on the “Sounds of Horror,” but that seemed too constricting. So I think I’ll just do a number of short posts. Periodically, when I find a new song or other audio thing that resonates with these themes, I’ll post it here.

I have to start with “Tōryanse,” a beautiful and haunting traditional Japanese song that I’m pretty sure is on an endless loop on Sadako’s iPod.

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