Dream job

I’m not saying I spent 10 minutes in Target feeling the mystery Lego bag to figure out if the vampire bat was in it or not. But I’m not NOT saying it.

Okay, I clearly have a serious problem. What? Grown men shouldn’t play with Legos? No, that’s not the problem. The problem is that I want to fight giant man-bats with crossbows. Where can I go to get a degree in that?

And yes, smart guy, they are posed in front of a Halloween-themed box of tissues. Obviously.

I regret nothing. Except, you know, not being able to fight man-bats with crossbows.

2 thoughts on “Dream job

  1. Probably the biggest obstacle I see to your plans is the health care overhead (Thanks Obamacare) – who’s going to cover your rabies vaccine, various treatments for hemorrhagic fevers, blood factors, etc.

    Do the ghosts still glow in the dark?

    • Seriously? I thought Barry’d be down with monster-punching and zombie virus boosters. He did have the audacity to hope, after all.

      You better believe they glow. They glow like it’s their job. They glow like the sun. If the sun were, you know, green. And not that bright. And ghost-shaped.

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