Ethan Hawke does horror?

I might not have been that crazy about seeing Sinister, as it seems to have more than a couple of things in common with the disappointing Insidious (including producer Jason Blum, who was also a producer on the Paranormal Activity films). The official trailer, in fact, is nothing new or particularly compelling (not that novelty is a deal-breaker, mind, but it doesn’t hurt). If the demonic face was red instead of white, it could almost be an Insidious sequel:

The thing that gave me pause is the film’s Rotten Tomatoes score. I only check Rotten Tomatoes occasionally, but I’ve never seen a horror film with a 100% Fresh rating before. And I like to see actors I don’t really associate with horror trying their hand at it (in this case, Ethan Hawke)–although it too often can go the way of the abysmal 1408. John Cusack is just awful all the time, but Samuel Jackson, why?

Admittedly, one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes wrote, “‘Sinister’ is so incredibly stupid. But it IS SCARY. The best way to describe it is ‘8MM’ meets ‘Paranormal Activity.'” That doesn’t sound great. But I’ll still give it a chance, as there’s a dearth of good horror at the moment.

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