Freakin’ LEGO

I will never get tired of LEGO. I’ve always dug (digged?) the space and castle themes, and now they have this one that is just awesome. It’s steampunky British and American stereotypes (and one possibly Chinese woman with an f’in’ SPEAR in her HAIR, who evidently practices “broomstickajutsu”) fighting against classic Hollywood-Halloweeny monsters. There is nothing about this that isn’t great.

You can’t argue with a ghost who has his own grandfather clock. That shit is hardcore.

I am so ready for Halloween, I can taste the pumpkin and fear already. Mmm, fear.

2 thoughts on “Freakin’ LEGO

  1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?? This CUUSOO stuff is wicked. Do they actually get made into sets? It looks like some of them do, if there’s enough support. Crowdsourcing really is the future if Lego is doing it.

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