Home sweet home

We’re back in Bloomington, moving into the new apartment. No internet yet, and no time anyway, so nothing to review.

Just to keep the ball rolling, I’m actually sort of interested in The Last of Us, a much-touted upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie game (not really  zombies, but totally zombies). I keep thinking the female lead looks startlingly like Ellen Page. Maybe it’s just me.

Sadly the game is a PS3 exclusive, so I probably won’t get to play it. I haven’t followed it that closely, but it seems like a good direction to take the zombie stuff, following the example of Walking Dead and making the monsters essentially background characters in an otherwise very human drama.

The creature design is pretty interesting. The plague that decimates mankind is a fungus, rather than a virus. The idea is of course the same, but it’s well-realized, if this is any indication.

They definitely upped the gross-out factor. Its face looks like roasted garlic. Seriously, Google it.

The Comcast folks will be out to set up our internet sometime this week. I’ll have more then, if not before.

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