New look

In keeping with my emphasis on the horror genre, I thought a new look was in order. Not a substantive change, but I’m slowly adding pages and narrowing the focus so this hopefully becomes something other than a chronicle of daily life (because who needs that crap anyway).

I’d really like to get people interested in horror as a serious genre, one that can do important literary and cinematic work. By “work” I mean commenting on important social issues, challenging audiences to think critically about received wisdom, and being just unbearably cool. This isn’t to say that nobody working in horror is serious about it; rather, my sense is that generally people think of it as too convention-bound, cliché-ridden and generally trashy to merit real consideration.

To prove myself wrong, I’m hoping to delve more deeply into horror literature, an area I myself, ironically enough, have only just begun to explore (my forays have been largely confined to games and film). Recommendations welcome.

5 thoughts on “New look

    • Thanks man. Not hard, I just found a theme I liked and fiddled around with the background colors. This one’s called “Sunspot.”

      I’d like to fiddle around with the WordPress software, maybe buy a domain name at some point, but for now using pre-made themes is the easiest option.

      • I’ve thought about it for awhile now – I guess the first thing for me is to actually, ya know, write more and have some sort of coherent point of view and all that good stuff.

        In the meantime, I started messing around with one of those newfangled layout scripts (as you’ve seen) but I’m having trouble actually getting the font colors to stay visible the whole time.

  1. Essplain, Lucy. I used a canned theme. If there’s a more-customizable thing I’m missing, I want in on that.

    Anyway, I think yours looks great. Nice clean layout, high contrast, and a freaking dung beetle. Can’t go wrong.

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