Square hates its fans

That link I posted to the FFVII pc re-release is now dead.

The other day I began the checkout process, had it in my cart and had all my info entered except my credit card, when I was interrupted by some mundane real-life thing. Now they’ve pulled it, and I missed my window.

Probably it wouldn’t have worked anyway. It would have led to some error message or something, I’m sure. But this kind of thing is typical of Square-Enix. They delight in jerking their fans around–just ask anyone waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m sick of them, frankly, and couldn’t care less about their other franchises these days. Unfortunately they got their hooks in me with FFVII, and I’ll no doubt shell out the cash when (if) the reboot ever does materialize.

EDIT: Seems there’s a glitch in the system: either a DRM problem, or Square just being stupid.

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